Leslie teaches a broad spectrum of yoga, from the dynamic flow of Vinyasa, the deep experience of yin, and the stillness of meditation. Her Pause, Breathe, Notice, Feel ideology is the basis for this comprehensive approach to teaching. She believes there is a yoga for “every body” and strives to be mindful of the student's experience so she can meet them exactly where they are. Safe, intelligent, creative, classes are always the priority but intuition and connection are what inspires her. Part of her mission is to also elevate the level of education for yoga teachers. The teachers have the privilege of sharing yoga with the students and they deserve to be taught with the highest level of integrity that honors the traditions of this life changing practice. Leslie is always seeking to elevate herself, the community and the collective energy of the world through the practice of yoga.         



Leslie has spent the past 25 years teaching weekly classes, private lessons and running her studio. In addition, she offers both 200 and 500 Hour teacher trainings and continuing education for teachers. Her Studio Yoga Journey is a training facility with the highest quality standards. Leslie has trained over 200 registered teachers at both the 200 Hour and 500 Hour level in South Florida as well as internationally. Leslie is committed to raising the level of education for yoga teachers and creating opportunities for people to step on the mat to try yoga in a safe and non-intimidating way.


Her mission has been to create a Global community and making yoga accessible to all who want to practice. Being based in South Florida, Leslie has built a strong network of teachers and students locally. This community continues to grow and extend far and wide. Through promoting the practice of yoga Leslie elevates herself, her community and the world.


One of her favorite ways to share yoga with the community is a complimentary practice at a park in Downtown Boca Raton where over 200 people come to practice weekly. This class is offered live and on demand from any device and makes yoga accessible to thousands of people worldwide. On New Year’s Day, Leslie hosts an annual event, Something BIG, a MEGA class with over 2000 people in attendance practicing yoga together. This event is also streamed live and on demand to a global community.


Leslie is an ambassador for lululemon athletica. Her relationship with them comes from a shared passion for building community and common core values. Aligning with them and other companies that share these values is important and collaborating with them is the key to success at her annual MEGA class, Something BIG.  But, what really matters most is her family. All her work is supported by her husband Andy, and two children, Molli and Braeden. They inspire Leslie every day to live by example and be the very best she can be. Through yoga Leslie has come to see how the lessons on the mat open up all the possibilities in your life…



Yoga Journey Studio is located on the 5th floor inside:

Wyndham Hotel - Boca Raton‎

1950 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431

(561) 479-7819 |

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